A list of 39 UK Mosques open for Taraweeh this Ramadan for Muslim Women

By My Mosque Story

This list has been compiled by My Mosque Story who encourage you to visit the website of the mosque or give them a call prior to…


7 Ways to Engage with the Quran if You Can’t Read or Understand Arabic

By Amaliah Team

Ramadan is the month of the Quran – it was during this month that it was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ through Angel…

Connect with the Quran through Quran Journalling

By Hiba Khan

Nothing in the entire universe is as potent, precious or powerful as the words of the Divine. No other words have the power to tear…

What can we do this Ramadan for loved ones we have lost?

By Amaliah Team

What can we do for our loved ones that have passed away? This is one of the first questions we ask ourselves in moments of…

Classic Eid crafts to make or print from @Sweet Fajr

By Selina Bakkar

Source: Sweetfajr Every year there’s always something new in the crafts and printables space online and we love it, we will be sharing them through Ramadan…


The ultimate booklist for every Muslim ‘book collector’ and book reader – 96 Books to read

By Selina Bakkar

So, I spent yet another weekend re-arranging my books for the umpteenth time, during the London lockdown*. Looking through my collection prompted me to think…

A 10-point guide to paying your Zakat this Ramadan

By Amaliah Team

With Ramadan right around the corner, many of us will be making preparations and plans for fasting. But one crucial obligation we should not forget…


Conscious about consumption? Here’s how to have a waste free Ramadan and life

By Anisah Osman Britton

If Al Khaaliq, The Creator, has created all of this world and the life upon it, shouldn’t we strive to protect it? By trying to…


The spiritual checklist: Preparing the heart for the month of Ramadan

By Seeds of Selma

Sow the seeds in Rajab Irrigate the crop in Sha’ban Reap the harvest in Ramadan A Ramadan well-prepared for can change your life, in fact…

30 Deeds for 30 Days of Ramadan and beyond

By Amaliah Team

This article is sponsored by Islamic Relief UK, find out more about their work. One of the most beneficial aspects of Ramadan is being able…

10 Ways To Get Yourself and Your Home Ready for Ramadan

By Amaliah Team

Ramadan is almost upon us! To welcome this blessed month, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 suggestions for items and gift ideas…


Back in the Day: Can a 90’s generation ever be duplicated?

By Idman Omar

My strongest memories of childhood derive from the simplicity of the times. It was idyllic, nostalgic even. It felt like we lived in low jeopardy…


Reflecting enables us to acknowledge and honour what we’ve been through

By Raghad Altikriti

The past two years have forced many of us to overdo reflection as many of us spend more time at home. Taking time to pause…


Welcoming Ramadan into our homes – A 5 point guide

By Iman Said

As we await the arrival of Ramadan, lots of us are busily preparing our hearts, writing du’a lists, setting Qur’an recitation goals, and carefully setting…


How Praying Tahajjud is a Form of Self-Love

By Aaisha Mukhtar

Allah descends at sunset on that night to the lowest heaven and says: ‘Is there no one who will ask Me for forgiveness, that I…

13 Duas for Anxiety, Worry and Stress from the Quran and Sunnah

By Amaliah Team

DISCLAIMER: These duas are not meant to be used as a substitute for professional help.   We encourage you to reach out to mental health…


Book Review – The Autobiography of Malcolm X

By Sukaina

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz was his name at the time of his death; Malcolm Little at birth; Detroit Red as a street hustler; and Malcolm X…

The Invisible Muslim: Journeys Through Whiteness and Islam

By Amaliah Team

Medina Tenour Whiteman stands at the margins of whiteness and Islam. An Anglo-American born to Sufi converts, she feels perennially out of place—not fully at…

How to make noodles and ravioli from scratch without a pasta maker or pasta flour

By Nafisa Bakkar

Making noodles and pasta from scratch is probably one of the ultimate love of labour recipes you can do, between the hours of resting, intense…

7 Recommended Gardening & Horticulture reads

By Hafsah Hafeji

I love learning about our innate connection to nature, how we can benefit from it physically, mentally, and spiritually, and the power it holds to…

Book Review – Fiqh of Social Media: Timeless Principles for Navigating the Digital Age

By Heraa Hashmi

Aftering reading the late Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death and spending a few months away from Twitter, it was a stroke of serendipity that…

The Lantern Initiative was born out of a new mother’s isolation…

By The Lantern Initiative

With cuts to mental heath services across the UK, community organisations have rushed to support those being failed by the system, The Lantern Initiative is…


Mother’s Day: An Open Letter to All The Daughters without their mothers

By Sumaiyah Al-Aidarous

Mother’s Day. You’ll see cards in the supermarkets, receive e-mail vouchers for gifts, and find your social media filled with photographs and messages. As much…

4 Hadiths on the Importance of Sha’ban and 12 Ways to Act on Them

By Amaliah Team

  What is Sha’ban?   Sha’ban is the eighth month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar, or Hijri Calendar, falling in between Rajab and Ramadan. Sha’ban…


Amaliah’s 9 point Guide to Getting Through another Covid-19 Ramadan 

By Amaliah Team

This article is sponsored by Islamic Relief UK, find out more about their work here* The second Ramadan in the era of Covid-19 is approaching,…

The Inquisition’s False Victory: Reflections on Andalusia and the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

By Kaleemah

To walk the winding streets of Cordoba is to witness the beautiful intricacies of contradiction. This clash is none the more evident than the city’s…

Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan Advent calendars bring me joy!

By Selina Bakkar

The month before Ramadan means that lot’s of Instagram and Pinterest pages start showering us with beautiful ideas for Ramadan decorations. One of the key…

Spiritual Reflections from Self-Isolation:  In being alone we realise how we are never really alone at all

By Inayah Zaheen

Without a doubt every single person in the UK is aware of the situation that is currently unfolding; the fears surrounding intensive care beds, the…

prayer bead islam ramadan

10 Duas to Know for Ramadan and Laylat al-Qadr

By Amaliah Team

If you are reading this article then alhamdulilah, you have been blessed with another Ramadan! Ramadan is the perfect time to reset spiritually, renew our…

The Skin Series: Living with Acne

By Aisha Ife

As part of a new series, we are inviting budding photographers and seasoned professionals alike to submit a photo series to feature on Amaliah. This…


Short reminders: ‘I am not free while any woman is unfree’

By Tasnima Uddin

This International Women’s day, should we be questioning what exactly it is that we are celebrating? What is IWD actually doing for the most vulnerable…

10 Instagram accounts inspiring us to Quran Journal

By Selina Bakkar

Quran Journalling seems to be popping up a lot more on Instagram, with many of us combining our creativity with Quran study it cannot be…

collection of stamps from syria

‘What Do You Think of When You Hear Syria?’ – Marking 10 Years Since the War in Syria

By Amaliah Team

What do you think of when you hear ‘Syria’? It’s likely that you conjure up images of destruction, war and rubble. This is the image…

5 Steps to Becoming More Financially Responsible

By Uneesa Zaman

I’ve been a student (a pennywise student at that), I’ve lost money, I’ve gained money, invested money (wisely and some less so) and throughout it…

Ramadan away from loved ones as an international student 

By Mayeda Tayyab

Note: If you find your mental health in a place where you are unable to cope, please search for mental health services being offered in…


4 ways to prepare for Ramadan whilst reaping the rewards of Sha’ban

By Selina Bakkar

Islamic months and their actual timings aren’t something I have ever really been in tune with—I mean, aside from Ramadan I had no clue when…