The Prophetic dish for sadness cooked during times of grief

By Amal Ahmad

Prescribed practices like making ablution and offering the five daily prayers can instill in us discipline, as well as serve as a remedy to the…

muslim woman trapped in fishing net

Muslim Marriage Crisis: A Photo series exploring the reality for Muslim women

By Nailah Dean

The Isms Project by Nailah Dean is a photo series documenting the Muslim Marriage Crisis from the perspective of Muslim Women. It looks at being divorced, sizeism…

closed door

The language of compassion during conflict

By Lubnah Abdulhalim

This piece explores the power of language in conflict in our lives and specifically in marriage. We know that words are powerful and once said they…

women in hijab

Hijabi Discrimination in Turkey and what it means being called “Kapali”

By Bushra Gules

Bushra takes a closer look at the discrimination that hijabi women otherwise referred to “Kapali” face in Turkey.  With Turkey often tooted as the place…

muslim woman reading Jane Austen

What Draws So Many Muslim Women to Jane Austen?

By Syraat Al Mustaqeem

Literature enthusiast Syraat Al Mustaqeem takes a deep dive into the world of Jane Austen adaptations to understand why so many Muslim women are drawn to her…

flower wreath

In Search of Sex Ed for Muslim Women rooted in Islam

By Zainab bint Younus

Sex and sexuality are always instant clickbait buzzwords, garnering attention no matter what the context. In the Muslim community, the reaction has long been one…

Muslim women sitting

‘My Home, My Bari’ the latest Museum of Home Installation

By Khatijah Ahmed

From ‘supporting artist to young artist’ Anisah Yaminah lets us know that South Asian Muslim women ‘are and have been making themselves known.’ The idea…

heart glasses

Can a Muslim woman marry an Atheist?

By Maya Areem

We know that Amaliah is like a Big Sis and sometimes our DMs have been filled with requests for advice on a range of life…

muslim women illustration

The Digital Sisterhood: Where women create, women make space

By Lamisah Chowdhury

The much talked about and praised new podcast from The Digital Sisterhood has been praised for its comforting and Islam-centred focus which hits on a…

Have You Ever Used Your Own Name in a Story?

By Razeena Omar Gutta

Children’s book author Razeena Omar Gutta explores the use of names in books and whether marginalised writers should use their own names. She poses the…


Why I did not celebrate the Islamic new year

By Zehra kamani

Writer Zehra Kamani shares her experiences of the Muslim New Year and why mourning is an important part of this time of year. Zehra looks…

a little boy

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Join the Race

By Sarah Pervez

In this prose piece, this writer explores timelines and milestones through an infant’s life as a first time mother. It  carries a message around the…


How to navigate friendship breakups

By Nabilah Ali

Nothing ever really prepares you for friendship breakups. They can be messy and complex, but  sometimes also a blessing in disguise.  There’s a plethora of…

British Negligence and State Supported Child Trafficking of Shamima Begum

By Shareefa Energy

Shamima Begum, the teenage Muslim school girl from Britain, the ordeal she faced and the way in which her and her now murdered school friends…

14 Lessons on Friendship From the Qur’an and Sunnah 

By Amaliah Team

In this piece we explore what Allah and His Messenger (ﷺ) have taught us on how to approach friendship for the sake of Allah, the…

shades of brown

The Problem with Marriage CVs in my community

By Sumaiya Hossain

We take a look at challenges and problems with marriage CVs from the perspective of a Bangladeshi Muslim and how they can propagate issues of…

12 Things I Can’t Reconcile About Islam As A Muslim Woman

By Amaliah Anonymous

A response to “12 Things I Can’t Reconcile About Islam as a Muslim Woman” is now available here. I don’t mean to antagonise, I am…

ginger and turmeric in a bowl

Hobbies + Hustles: Nature Explorer and Horticulturist

By Selina Bakkar

We’ve spoken to Esra Alhamal about the art of Islamic illumination, Azeezat Adeola about mindfulness in knitting and how to get started and knitting for…

benin beach

Mosque of the week: The Grand Mosque of Benin

By Selina Bakkar

Today’s Mosque is from Benin / The Great Mosque of Porto-Novo / Grande Mosquée de Porto-Novo / Porto-Novo, Benin⁠ ⁠ The Great Mosque of Porto-Novo…

Muslim woman bowling

Hustles + Hobbies: Professional Cricketer Abtaha Maqsood

By Selina Bakkar

We’ve spoken to Esra Alhamal about the art of Islamic illumination, Azeezat Adeola about mindfulness in knitting and how to get started and knitting for…

17 Beautiful Ayahs from the Qur’an for When You Are Sad

By Amaliah Team

Allah tells us that the Qur’an has been sent down not only as a mercy to us, but also as healing (17:82) for our hearts,…

Istanbul buildings and water

My Istanbul Travel Guide

By Ahsana Nabilah

Ahsana shares her holiday pics of Istanbul and a little travel guide on what to do, what to wear and where to go Istanbul, I…

The anti-female sexuality rhetoric and body positivity – In conversation with Sainabou Hydara 

By Amaliah Team

Sainabou Hydara is a 21-year-old student, self-titled your local angry black woman. Alongside her academic studies, she has been involved with a number of feminist organisations…

muslim women friends in sunset

43 Friendship Red Flags: Is your friendship a healthy one?

By Amaliah Team

If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, you know we have an exclusive Agony Aunt segment where we field dilemmas from the community and answer them…

Maldives sea

Mosque of the Week: The Mosque of the Maldives

By Selina Bakkar

We continue our weekly segment of profiling mosque around the world and today we share what mosques are in the Maldives starting with the ‘Malé…

food on a plate

Hustles + Hobbies: Food photographer and blogger @hebssweetly

By Selina Bakkar

We’ve spoken to Esra Alhamal about the art of Islamic illumination, Azeezat Adeola about mindfulness in knitting and how to get started and knitting for…

broken cup and empty glass on table

Islam does not ask us to have “Passive” Sabr with Domestic Violence, so why do we hear it?

By Shanzay Sethi

We have often heard from Muslim women in our community that they have been told to have ‘Sabr’ in situations that ultimately are classified as…

library with books

Is it my responsibility to represent 1.9 billion Muslims in my writing? 

By Tasneem Abdur-Rashid

Debut novelist Tasneem Abdur-Rashid explores the pressures, expectations and challenges of writing as a conscious Muslim for a diverse audience, and how Muslims can navigate…

train in Indian

The 1947 Partition: My grandfather’s story is one of 14 million affected 75 Years ago

By Saarah Ahmed

Historian Saarah Ahmed lays out what Independence day or the day of partition means for over 14 million individuals were Muslim, Sikh and Hindu meant…

skin care products

Skin care advice and product recommendations from the Amaliah community

By Amaliah Team

From Tik Tok skin trends to Twitter skin hacks there’s a wealth of information about what to use, here’s some tried and tested products from the Amaliah…

“I hope that Muslim Women feel seen, empowered and proud” – an interview with Sana Amanat, Co-creator of Ms. Marvel

By Furvah Shah

Ms Marvel co-creator, Sana Amanat, discusses all things Muslim representation, how to handle criticism and what we can expect from season two of the show.…

indian window

The Grand Trunk Project – British South-Asians Celebrating faith diversity after the 1947 partition

By Thahira Khatun

  The Grand Trunk Project is a UK-wide project, funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government, that was launched in 2017 to bring…


What Birds Can Teach Us About Getting Closer to Allah

By Soukeyna Osei-Bonsu

Soukeyna Osei-Bonsu looks to the natural and the world of birds to help us understand how we can journey closer to Allah through Dhikr What…

Great Mosque of Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

By Selina Bakkar

This is one of the largest premodern mosques in China. Although the mosque was allegedly first built in the year 742 AD, its current form…

cottage and flowers

19 Websites to Book your Staycation on That are Not Airbnb

By Selina Bakkar

  It’s staycation season and you’re looking for a place to getaway to, a holiday close enough to avoid the hassle of covid testing and…

prayer beads on mat

8 Things I Did That Helped Me Rescue My Salah

By Hiba Khan

I am easily distracted. This trait was a hindrance throughout school and my degree, but no doubt the area that this is most detrimental to,…