7 Ways to Engage with the Quran if You Can’t Read or Understand Arabic

By Amaliah Team

Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an – it was during this month that it was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ through Angel…

Ramadan Children’s Books with diverse families and characters

By Selina Bakkar

Ramadan now offers us so much choice in terms of resources for our children, decorations and reading material. I remember just a few years ago…

15 online classes and videos series to follow this month

By Selina Bakkar

The month of Ramadan is the perfect time to focus on our personal reflection and growth. Thankfully, the online community of Muslim discussions and reminders is…

Leave the bad habits behind this Ramadan

By Hanan Basher

I remember the first Ramadan I experienced during the pandemic where people around me, including myself, felt disappointed for not being able to go to…


Ramadan as an avenue of healing for my eating disorder

By Jeanine Hourani

Disclaimer and Trigger Warning: This article, or pages it links to, contains information about eating disorders that may be triggering. Every Ramadan, my social media…


Welcoming Ramadan into our homes – A practical guide

By Iman Said

As we await the arrival of Ramadan, lots of us are busily preparing our hearts, writing du’a lists, setting Qur’an recitation goals, and carefully setting…

Ramadan books

19 Islamic and Muslim character books for kids about Ramadan, Eid and everyday life!

By Amaliah Team

Please note this article was written and copied in 2021, See here for 2022 Book recommendations One of the best ways to bring Ramadan and…


Four Ways Neuroplasticity can Optimise your Ramadan and Daily Living 

By Aaisha Mukhtar

Ramadan is a month in which I can spend my energy dedicated to my faith.  It is my spiritual holiday where I aim to focus…

Cambridge mosque

The Motive, Week II, Why not go for a day trip to Cambridge?

By Amaliah Events

This week in The Motive, why not go for a day trip to Cambridge? There’s plenty to do in this historical, picturesque city. 🚣🏽‍♀️ You…

Surah Al-Kahf Female Reciters Project

By Amaliah Team

How many female reciters do you know? Recitations of the Qur’an by Muslim women are by no means a modern phenomenon. The presence and legacy…

A reminder on the benefits of communal worship

By Suad Kamardeen

Most of us have spent the past two Ramadans alone or at home with families. While spending time alone in reflection and contemplation is encouraged,…

Who Taught You to Hate Yourself? Uncomfortable with Authentic Blackness

By Idman Omar

It’s effortless to succumb to the existing state of affairs today in reference to race. Nevertheless, to stand up for racial identity in link to…

The Motive brought to you by Halal Gems

By Amaliah Events

Introducing The Motive. Every week we’ll be sharing our best recommendations from @halalgems and @amaliah_com. Whether it’s a review of the latest arts and culture…

This is What India’s Hijab Ban is Really About

By Heraa Hashmi

Over the past few weeks, India has become a battleground for a disturbing rise in the persecution of Muslims. At the centre of this struggle…

How Prevent is putting Muslim Children in Danger

By Mariya bint Rehan

Prevent culture appears in the British Muslim psyche as a nebulous but engulfing force, suffocating Muslims in all spheres of public life. The strategy was birthed…

Book Review: Tangled in Terror by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan

By Shahed Ezaydi

  For the vast majority of Muslims, Islamophobia forms a part and parcel of everyday life. From education, healthcare, the legal system, to the workplace,…

We answer 9 FAQs about the vagina, from discharge to vaginal dryness

By Amaliah Team

Our vagina is often exposed to an awful lot without us realising. Growing up, if you weren’t educated well on the human anatomy, and didn’t feel…

How did the Sahabas Spend their Ramadan?

By Suad Kamardeen

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The best people are those of my generation, and then those who will come after them (the next generation), and then…

amazihg muslims

Why Willow Smith’s New Book Deserves to be Cancelled

By Idman Omar

Orientalist tropes often rely on patronising and dehumanising depictions of groups of people where their cultures are essentialised, exaggerated and generalised. Such depictions are a…

female reciters

25 Muslim Women Reciters of the Qur’an You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By Anousha Vakani

For some of us, our earliest memories of the Qur’an are images of our mothers or grandmothers rocking back and forth reciting from their well-loved…

What taking off my hijab taught me about the glorification of sin

By Afia Ahmed Chaudhry

Over the last few years, I saw the harmful development of a society devoid of God and spiritual observance, and filled with surface-level gimmicks to…


Narcissism in men: the Red flags you need to watch out for

By Mona Alyedreessy

The subject of narcissism has been worn out in recent years, but not much has been said about the growing narcissism we face in our…

4 Hadiths on the Importance of Sha’ban and 12 Ways to Act on Them

By Amaliah Team

  What is Sha’ban?   Sha’ban is the eighth month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar, or Hijri Calendar, falling in between Rajab and Ramadan. Sha’ban…


4 ways to prepare for Ramadan whilst reaping the rewards of Sha’ban

By Selina Bakkar

Islamic months and their actual timings aren’t something I have ever really been in tune with—I mean, aside from Ramadan I had no clue when…

Prophet Muhammad

6 Books to read on the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

By Selina Bakkar

We’ve taken to social media to once again ask for recommendation on books and resources specifically about the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. For those of us…

How India is hurtling towards a genocide against Muslims

By Rahima Begum

Since the 2014 emergence of Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, India has seen a significant number of changes. Alongside a growing economy, a…

Anti-Blackness, Dehumanisation and Hypocrisy in the Coverage of Russia’s War on Ukraine

By Amaliah Team

Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a full-scale invasion into Ukraine following months of military build up on the country’s border. Russia has been conducting…

Swim or sink: the Trojan Horse Affair as a witch-hunt of the forever ‘underclass’

By Khadijah Elshayyal

During the 16th and 17th Centuries, hysterical witch-hunts and trials swept across large parts of Europe, as religious strife combined with a range of endemic…

5 Changes To Make to Your Skincare Routine To Help Protect it From the Cold 

By Zeynab Mohamed

  With stormy, cold weather in recent weeks making temperatures plummet, it’s safe to say that the cold season is here to stay. With the…

The Mother Tongue as Resistance – Reflections on the subtle power of our native languages

By Afroze Fatima Zaidi

In July 2018, my dad passed away. He had never spoken much, but so many of his words are forever etched in my brain. “Roti…

10 things that helped me decide if I want to have children or not

By Amaliah Anonymous

This is one of the first generations that has been able to intentionally choose if they want to have children or not at such a…


Back in the Day: Can a 90’s generation ever be duplicated?

By Idman Omar

My strongest memories of childhood derive from the simplicity of the times. It was idyllic, nostalgic even. It felt like we lived in low jeopardy…

11 Vegan Beauty Staples To Include In Your Routine Now

By Zeynab Mohamed

Veganism is much more than what you eat, it’s a lifestyle. It may sound very cliche but it’s very true. According to The Vegan Society,…

A call to our communities: Institutional misogyny is real, and we must acknowledge it before we can address it

By Khadijah Elshayyal

*Editor’s note: Please note that throughout the article we reference “recent” in relation to the first incident mentioned.  I write these words in a state…

How to talk to your kids about money

By Amaliah Team

What was the first lesson you learnt about money? Who did you learn it from? What we learn about money as children and the habits…

Book Review: You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen

By Suad Kamardeen

It’s 2017 and the UK is reeling from the aftermath of the horrific Manchester bombings. I remember hearing about the news of the attack and…