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Amaliah.com is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women. We have a digital footprint of over 5.2 million each month and a contributor community of over 300. Through articlesvideos, our award-winning podcasts, our social channels, events, brand partnerships, our work seeks to surface the many different voices and experiences within our communities. We have worked with Stylist Magazine, Lush, Pinterest and Waterstones to create meaningful moments for Muslim women to feel seen.

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We believe that a media company that centres the voices of Muslim women is a powerful tool for cultural change. Our work has been celebrated in Forbes, The Telegraph, CNN and The Guardian to name a few.

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It has never been more important for Muslim women to be heard; Amaliah is here to surface the many different voices of Muslim women across our 7 categories; Identity, Relationships, Soul, Fashion, World, Beauty & Lifestyle.

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Amaliah x Halal Gems – Street Eats

Amaliah x Halal Gems – Street Eats

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