Honouring Nabra Hassanen

By Amaliah Team

Image source: Mohammad Alsalti إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعون Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we…

Eid Beauty Gifts – 3 must have palettes!

By Amnah

Last minute Eid Shopping? We’ve picked 3 palettes for you that we know work wonders and would make the perfect gift. Shop them now to…

Aisha Gani calls out lack of diversity in Journalism

By Amaliah Team

  The lack of diversity in journalism has always been a topical issue especially for Muslims who are accustomed to demonising, Islamophobic articles from major…

Shop Summer Sandals in the Sale

By Amaliah Team

Shop our favourite summer sandals that are all on sale! Whether you need some everyday flat sandals or some special heels for Eid, we have…

Our Curvy Eid Edit – Shop our plus size picks now!

By Amaliah Team

Still deciding what to wear for Eid? We’ve picked some of our curvy favourites that are great investments for Eid and the summer ahead. Our…

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Be Like Instagram: The Need for Self Improvement

By Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba

Instagram might not be getting it right with their algorithms, but their updates over the past year have been hitting the right notes. The platform…

Summer Sale Picks

By Amaliah Team

We’re seeing the summer sales start and we’ve curated our top modest picks here for you.  Shop them now while they’re in stock! [product_category category=”summer…

Black Women At Work in the Age of Social Media

By Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba

Image credit: WOCinTech   The misogynoir that black women face in society and particularly at work is nothing new. Misogynoir is a term that uniquely…


Love knows no religion #grenfell

By Selina Bakkar

  The tragic and shocking events which played out last night in West London at the Grenfell Tower estate have left us all affected in…

Shop The Look: @feeeeya

By Amnah

  SHADES OF ORANGE FEEEEYA [products ids=”24729, 24734, 24736, 24739, 24743, 24741, 24745, 20836″ columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order” order=”ASC”]


By Amnah

The last few years have seen the rise of modest fashion brands. We want to celebrate the brands, the women behind them and give them…

Young People Deliver A Momentous Blow to The Political Establishment

By Amaliah Team

Traditionally branded by the political establishment as apathetic, lazy and idealistic, yesterday young people delivered a momentous blow to the political establishment. And based on the…

Shop The LooK: Eid Inspo from @NOORE

By Amnah

  EID INSPO NOORE [products ids=”10978, 24546, 22978, 23390, 24480, 23148, 24023, 20836″ columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order” order=”ASC”]

Shop Curves: Our Top 5 Kimonos!

By Amaliah Team

The kimono is our go to summer cover up. Keep your outfit simple and let these floral kimonos make a statement. Here are our 5 top picks to…

The Best Reactions To Halima Aden’s Vogue Cover

By Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba

Source: Star Tribune 19-year-old Halima Aden, a Somali-American model first came into prominence when she became the first Miss Minnesota contestant to take part in the…

What should Muslims be looking for in their next Prime Minister?

By Nafisah Kara

WHAT SHOULD UK MUSLIMS BE LOOKING FOR IN THEIR NEXT PM? As the general election campaign fast approaches some of us may still be weighing…

Shop: New In at New Look

By Amaliah Team

We’re turning to New Look for our summer staples and we’re loving their range especially when it comes to their selection of Kimonos and sandals.…

Dear Muslims, Please don’t feel like you have to condemn these attacks.

By Tuba Mazhari

Dear Muslim friends, I know that horrible sinking feeling you get when a horrific incident occurs. You worry that the perpetrator is a Muslim/that the…

My biggest insecurity for the longest time was being in my own skin…

By Nazhah Khawaja

A cleansing was desperately needed post election from hell. I needed a detox of Trump, a DeTrump if you will. I housed this toxic animosity…

The Ramadan Skincare Guide – Our 5 Hydrating Top Tips!

By Amaliah Team

Source: Pinterest   During the holy month of Ramadan, our routine changes and we can feel the difference in our skin. The combination of less…

This artist made incredible Ramadan doodles for those that can’t fast.

By Amaliah Team

We recently came across a pretty cool blog of thoughts through doodles. It’s talking about Mental health and more! The founder Mary is a Neuro…

Veils are not bombs nor bullets. The veil is brave. It wasn’t meant to be but it has become.

By Sultanah Parvin

It is time to remind ourselves who we are. We are compassionate souls. yet right now we will be the target of anger because we…


Three Must have Apps for Ramadan

By Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba

Preparing for Ramadan 2017: Top 3 Recommended Apps Ramadan Legacy is undoubtedly one of the most popular Ramadan apps out there! It combines smart technology…

Shop The Look: @FASHION_BY_SEN

By Amnah

  THE PERFECT MAXI FASHION_BY_SEN [products ids=”11259, 18740, 23097, 23175″ columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order” order=”ASC”]

The Body Shop Ramadan Gift Collection

By Amaliah Team

The Body Shop have launched their Eid selection of gifts featuring new scents and packaged in a way perfect for a pampering present.   Their…

#manchesterstrong an open letter by Abu Eesa to the rest of the world

By Amaliah Team

Vigil held in Manchester Albert Square I know my beautiful city of Manchester is wounded badly right now but please give me a moment to…


By Amaliah Team

Summer maxi skirts have a place in our wardrobe every year. We’ve curated our favourite ones that we think you don’t need to layer, meaning no…


By Innurbeauty

Summer Skincare Heroes As the summer months approach, it is important to switch up your skincare to prevent sun damage and blocked pores from the…

Responses to 5 “I’m not voting because..” statements by Muslims

By Rumaysa

Responses to 5 ‘I’m not voting because…’ statements I’m not voting because I don’t care about politics:   In reality, voting has little to do with…


By Amnah

I’m not going to act like this pick of the week is modestly perfect because there is a slightly deep v at the back which…

Amaliah × Pinterest: Our Ramadan and Eid Campaign is Live!

By Nafisa Bakkar

Ramadan is well and truly amongst us and to celebrate we have teamed up with Pinterest to bring you beautifully curated boards across fashion, faith,…


By Amnah

Our go to lightweight cover up this season is the kimono. Shop the edit now with our favourite finds from the high street.  SHOP THE LOOK…

2 million voices stand silent at the general election…potentially.

By Laila Ali

Thoughts on voting  For me, I didn’t always find it accurate to say that voting was the ultimate way to express a political opinion. Indeed,…


By Amaliah Team

Source: @ElfCosmetics ELF Cosmetics in Superdrug! E.L.F cosmetics has officially arrived in the UK thanks to Superdrug! There are always so many ‘drugstore’ products that…


By Amnah

  SUMMER PINK RUFFLES IBREATHESHOES [products ids=”23312, 23314, 23316, 23321, 23323, 23325, 23327, 23329″ columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order” order=”ASC”]


By Amaliah Team

Source: @AabCollection It’s an exciting time for modest fashion brands with Ramadan and Eid collections launching. AAB have been teasing us with their sneak peaks…